History&Culture-Klasse: Websites!

The students in the History & Culture class have been working on building a website covering various aspects about the UK. Some students worked alone, others in groups of 2 or 3, linking their pages together on the completed website. On their last lesson before the Easter break, they published their websites live on the web, the links and names of the students are below for you to view.

1_1200 Rouven & Steven-Lee: http://englandvortrag.weebly.com
2_1200 Isabel & Robin: http://spacemonkeyinformations.weebly.com
3_1200 Charlotte: http://historyandcultureofuk.weebly.com
4_2_1200 Leandro: http://threelionshelvetia.weebly.com
5_1200 Leonie & Ivana: http://websiteaboutenglishthings.weebly.com
6_2_1200 Linda, Samira, Maria & Mae: http://salimama.weebly.com