History&Culture-Klasse: Websites!

The students in the History & Culture class have been working on building a website covering various aspects about the UK. Some students worked alone, others in groups of 2 or 3, linking their pages together on the completed website. On their last lesson before the Easter break, they published their websites live on the web, the links and names of the students are below for you to view.

1_1200 Rouven & Steven-Lee: http://englandvortrag.weebly.com
2_1200 Isabel & Robin: http://spacemonkeyinformations.weebly.com
3_1200 Charlotte: http://historyandcultureofuk.weebly.com
4_2_1200 Leandro: http://threelionshelvetia.weebly.com
5_1200 Leonie & Ivana: http://websiteaboutenglishthings.weebly.com
6_2_1200 Linda, Samira, Maria & Mae: http://salimama.weebly.com


Englisch-Klasse: Book club

Book Club Treasure Hunt PhotoLast Saturday we had to be at school at 11 am. Mr Reid had given us a letter on Thursday but told us not to open it until that morning. When we opened it, it told us to make our way to Waterstones (a book store in the town centre) and look for a book about angels. At first we didn’t understand that we should look for a book we had read in book club, but luckily Maria picked the book up anyway and we found our next clue.
This sent us to Camillas (a really cool old second hand book store) where we found our next clue in A Monster Calls, another book we read in book club. This clue sent us to Nelson’s café, where we for train tickets to Lewes and a hot chocolate, thank you Mr. Reid☺.
We took the next train to Lewes and had to look for a country music store. First we couldn’t find the store so we went into another music store to ask where itwass. They couldn’t help us but in the end we found the store, thanks to a postman. This clue said, we should text a number, and we got our next clue like that.Book Club Writing Pic
We should find a bear, but we couldn’t find it, but we saw a Waterstones and someone said we should get in there, just to look of course, but we didn’t expect to find Mr. Reid in there. So in the end we didn’t have to go to the last clue and Mr. Reid gave us all a 10 pound value card for Waterstones.
Every clue was a rhyme and a mystery so we always had to find out first where we had to go. It was an amazing afternoon and we hope we can do something like that again.

Book Club Writing - Isabel EdelmannBook Club Writing - Livia Urfer

Freizeitanlass: Girls Football

Recently some girls have started to play football regularly with some English girls here is one students’ views of being a goalie.

A Goalie
We all know the struggle to find a goalie for a football team. Nobody wants to do it. I actually don’t know what’s so bad about being in goal. I play football in a team and I’ve done it a few times. It’s really boring sometimes and you have a lot pressure on you.
But you don’t have a lot to do so if you’re not in mint condition, just go into the goal. Even if you’re playing in a team, as a goalie, you’re ‚playing‘ alone. If the defenders fail, there’s only the goalie left and that’s not easy when the whole team counts on you to save it. But the good thing is that you’re like a hero when you make that awesome save.

There’s a chance you might get the football kicked in your face or other unpleasant parts of your body. Most people are anxious about that. The point is that you would help your team much more if you want to be in the goal or even try it. Basically, love your goalie and don’t judge them if they didn’t save the ball. They have a difficult ‚job‘ and it’s absolutely not their fault when things go wrong.
Girls Football

Deutsch Plus-Klasse: Märchen heute

Dieses Semester haben wir Märchen analysiert. Wir haben uns Märchen aus der Perspektive der Psychoanalyse und aus der feministischen Perspektive angeschaut und überlegt, wie man ein altes Märchen in die heutige Zeit übersetzen würde. Zuletzt haben die Schüler und Schülerinnen ein Märchen mit folgender Formel geschrieben:
– Sprachlicher Märchenstil
– Moral für Kinder
– Happy End
– Held/Heldin muss Taten erledigen
– Ort und Zeit sind unbestimmt
– Zauber
– 2-dimensionale Personen
– Nummern und Reim

Auf Bild klicken, um PDF zu lesen!

Die Laterne der Elfen Märchen Deutsch_001 Die magische Schatulle von Carmen, Elio_001 Salundra der Flaschengeist Danielle Leonie_001
Vergeben ist eine Gabe_001 Franz und die Trommel_001 Die schlaue Annabelle mit dem magischen Amulett Celine, Dominik_001


Englisch-Klasse: Lost In Space

This year, our very own British astronaut, Tim Peake, has travelled to the International Space Station orbiting the Earth. Having watched Tim’s ‘Cosmic Classroom’ and glimpses of Canadian Commander Chris Hadfield, we have decided to tweet Tim Peake.
Tim Peake tweet_001

Deutsch-Klasse: Editorial schreiben

In German lessons we were writing in the style of an editor, writing their monthly editorial. This work was based on the ‚editor‘ coming to the UK and then writing an ironic or satirical piece about their experience. Most wrote about the traffic, food and the houses but this one stuck out as it was not only very well written but showed that the writer had done some research on the topic. She encompasses all the traits a short editorial needs to have: short, thoughtful and ironic.

German lessons1German lessons22

Art-Klasse: Henna tattoos

In the middle of October the art class were given the task to design some Henna tattoos on paper. Little did they know that they would be asked to apply the tattoos on a partner in class with a natural Henna ink.

Henna tattoo

Englisch-Klasse: My host family

My host family decided to take students because they enjoy spending time with people from different cultures and they wanted to help individuals develop their english. At least they already have been hosting students for 20 years now.

My host family 21 My host family 22